Reginald W. Armstrong is a Los Angeles-based artist born 1984 in West Berlin of Panamanian descent and raised in El Paso, Texas along the US-Mexico border. Armstrong received his BFA in fine art from the University of Texas El Paso in 2012 with a focus in painting and sculpture. He has exhibited widely in the Western United States with exhibitions in Texas and California. In addition to his art practice has has curated numerous exhibitions of artwork by his contemporaries. His work has been featured in The El Paso Times and Vanity Fair.



My work explores multiple subjects and themes and embraces different mediums with a primary focus on painting. I’m interested in bringing overlooked aspects of our physical world into focus through both figuration and abstraction. Working over many years in different series allows me to dig into and explore a subject from multiple angles over a span of time. For instance, Stacking High is an ongoing study of shipping pallets, which I use as a metaphor to unpack global consumerism and the shifting nature of late capitalism. In my series Polishing Turds I collect discarded objects from daily urban life like street signs and pieces of rubber tires and re-contextualize them by painting tableaus and framing them--an effort to transcend a benign object beyond its previous status. My abstract work employs symbols and signs from my figurative scenes that are often broken apart and reconfigured into floating, unhinged compositions. Looking closely, a viewer might be able to decipher a shipping pallet or a bridge, subjects I often return to. By dismantling these subjects, I am able to think about them in a deeper sense as well as push the confines of the picture plan beyond linear perspective and into paintings that find their own internal compositional logic.