Fellow Barber Valencia Mural



Proposal: Fellow Barber Outdoor Mural

September 3, 2018


Overview + Thank you

Thank you for the opportunity to submit a proposal for the south-facing wall of Fellow Barber. The following document lays out two different mural designs that would be an exploration of two series that I’ve been working on for over a decade: Stacking High and In a Distant World. They are each unique in their style and content, and below you will see an example of what the mural could look like, accompanied with the meaning behind the imagery.

In addition, I’ve also provided a materials list with estimated costs to create the piece, as well as a short professional history for additional context about my artistic practice.


Thank you, once again, for the opportunity to present you with mural ideas for your business.


Design Proposal 1 | Stacking High



Early in my painting practice, I observed the packing palette as an employee of Costco Wholesale and later on, through the industrial scenes near my house. I began to consider the importance of consumerism and its vast effects on humans—both physically and psychologically. The packing pallet is a universally ubiquitous object that invokes direct parallels to the intricacies and interconnectedness of the global economy; for me it is both a symbol for the global economy and a metaphor for an artist’s palette. My interest in representing an often overlooked object serves as a reminder of the insidious nature of our consumer-driven world. Instead of critiquing the more commercial aspects of consumerism such as advertisements or branding, I’m intrigued by the subtlety of the pallet as a symbol of accessibility to goods and labor while maintaining a core essence of simplicity and straightforwardness.

Pallets enable us to move large loads globally; some are even strong enough to support up to a ton of weight in commercial goods. I want to take this real object and transform it into a nonrepresentational form. My goal is to highlight the aesthetic value inherent in elegant simplicity while acknowledging the more complex themes of labor, transportation of goods, globalism and modernity.


The packing palette series, and this design in particular, speaks to many of the changes that the Mission is facing in our current contemporary moment. As discussed in my artist statement above, palettes are the physical workhorse of globalism, the unseen yet ubiquitous device that enables the consumerist culture. While there’s an inherent critique of capitalism in this series, I am also honoring the ingenious human design behind the packing palette, hopefully creating a space where viewers can take visual pleasure in the formal aspects of the composition, while pondering the multiple meanings behind the image.


Design Proposal 2 | In a Distant World


The In a Distant World series is a battle of expressions—an amalgam of modern design, juxtaposed imagery and contrasts of color drawn from the urban industrial world. These works omit dimensional space and instead create a floating and boundless world in an exploration of release from what is expected of the two dimensional picture plane. Formal elements of design like negative space, composition and arrangement ground and direct the work towards its own internal logic. While the images are based in figurative patterns, they are broken up and rearranged, creating my most abstract work to-date. For instance, the idea for the piece Magic came from an earlier sketch depicting separated elements, presenting a harmonious ecosystem of tension with both action and resistance represented. These paintings were made during a major transition in my life: a breakup and a move to California from Texas. The fragmented and floating elements in the work mirror a sense being unhinged and disjointed, and in some ways represent a specific feeling and point of time in my life.

This design from the visual lexicon of my In a Distant World series speaks to a personal fusion of my artistic practice and my professional career as a barber. While in barber school I would often draw while taking notes and learning about the hair. In this abstract image design I’m referencing the overall shape of a callic or pivot while adding in shapes that call to mind individual hair follicles. Juxtaposed with more universal imagery like a fractured sky and bright and punchy colors, I wanted to make an inside reference to Fellow Barber and the tools and intricacies of the trade while creating an image that might people stop, wonder and smile


I will follow up with details for us commencing a working relationship together upon review of  your submission.